Which Six Nations Squad Has the Most Foreign-Born Players?

This year, just over 22% of players from the four squads named for the 2021 Six Nations were born outside the country they are playing for.

The topic in question is hugely popular as people both criticize and defend the use of players from abroad. The extent, though, in which some countries have been utilizing the system to nationalize talent over three years saw World Rugby take action in 2017, setting new regulations which, from December 2021, require players to have five years of consecutive residency or 10 years of cumulative residency.

Find out who has the most as we rank the Six Nations participants from least to most

*Ireland and Italy will be added once they confirm their squads

4. England – 2 players

  1. Billy Vunipola (Sydney, Australia)
  2. Sam Underhill (Ohio, USA)


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