Will Carling leaves Carter and Wilkinson out of his all-time XV - Ruck

Will Carling leaves Carter and Wilkinson out of his all-time XV

Former England centre Will Carling has picked a former goalkicking number eight in his team, along with the likes of All Black powerhouses and World Cup-winning captains.

Fullback: SERGE BLANCO (France) – He sums up all that is brilliant about French rugby. He had the audacity to take risks that no one else would. He was daring but he had the breathtaking ability to pull it off.

Winger: JONAH LOMU (New Zealand) – Talking of nightmares, the physical impact that Lomu had on the 1995 World Cup was beyond the effect of any other player in the history of the game. He was so quick, so powerful and so strong that he changed rugby. 

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Centre: BRIAN O’DRISCOLL (Ireland) – As a balanced centre he has everything pace strength, great attacking skill as good in defence as in attack. With his poise, his change of speed and his closeness to the ground it is was very hard to stop him.

Centre: DANIE GERBER (South Africa) – I wouldn’t have liked to play against him. With his pace, power and aggression he was like a little rocket. He was built like a tank and had the pace of a formula one car. 

Winger: DAVID CAMPESE (Australia) – He was well ahead of his time. His anticipation and vision was way ahead of what everyone else was attempting, and 99 per cent of it came off. He took running lines no one else could fathom and made passes no one could see were on. 


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