World Cup-winner calls for Eddie Jones go 'right now' - Ruck

World Cup-winner calls for Eddie Jones go ‘right now’

England head coach Eddie Jones should go and the RFU should appoint an English coach ‘right now’, according to Rugby World Cup winner Kyran Bracken.

The former Bristol and Saracens scrum-half has lost patience and called for an English coach to be appointed.

“For me, looking at the World Cup just gone and Eddie Jones saying ‘we want to be the best team playing the greatest rugby the world has ever seen’,” he said on the Ruck It! podcast.

“And then he comes out with the ludicrous: ‘We’re going to be brutal over in France’ – It just fired them up.

“All the other teams in the Six Nations have made big changes in terms of personnel on the pitch and personnel off the pitch.

“My opinion is we needed change after the World Cup because it’s all the same soundbites from Eddie Jones.

“I think we should have an English coach – right now.”