WORLD XV: Smith, Folau, Hogg? Who is the world's best fullback?

WORLD XV: Smith, Folau, Hogg? Who is the world’s best fullback?

Starting with the fullback position, which we know is a tough one to pick, we’re asking you to choose who you think’s the BEST in the world from our six-man shortlist

Over the next couple of days, we will be running votes for every position until we have the supporters best team.

All of the players on the list are credible and worthy of being the first name on that team sheet with the number fifteen jersey.

So get voting for who you believe deserves to be in the RUCK World XV…

You can skip to the poll HERE or scroll through the contenders before making an informed decision. 

1. Israel Folau – Australia

One of the most athletically gifted players in the game, a person of Folau’s speed, size, strength and stature could apply his arsenal to nearly any sport and still exude all the qualities of a world class talent.

While perhaps still prone to the odd error and frailties in defence, there is arguably no-one more clinical under the high ball or terrifying when in all-out attack mode.