"Wrestled in our underpants" - 5 people who MUST avoid Joe Marler's autobiography - Ruck

“Wrestled in our underpants” – 5 people who MUST avoid Joe Marler’s autobiography

Joe Marler’s hilarious new autobiography,  ‘Loose Head: Confessions of an (un)professional rugby player‘, is a must read for all rugby supporters!

However, these five might want to try and avoid Joe Marler’s new autobiography if they can…

1. Joe Launchbury

The England ptop, in his section on teammates nicknames, reveals an uncomplimentary one given to the Wasps captain during England duty.

Due to him forever knocking everything over with his backside, the biggest in world rugby, Marler joked ‘your ass is like a permanent slosh bucket.’

Long story short, he hated it but is still known as ‘Slosh’ or ‘Slosh bucket’ to this day in England training/