"You ripped my hair out" - Danny Cipriani acrobatics with wife goes wrong - Ruck

“You ripped my hair out” – Danny Cipriani acrobatics with wife goes wrong

Danny Cipriani has become an internet sensation after a video went viral of him trying to perform some acrobatics with his wife Victoria.

At one point she can be heard saying: “What happened, you ripped my hair out.”

In another clip their dogs Benjie and Frankie come from nowhere to get involved.

Cipriani wrote in response to the clip: “From not wanting to do it, to laughing my head off. Happy Wife, Happy Life,”

One onlooker commented: “This is just super. Needed cheering up today and have watched this about 10 times now.”

A second commented: “Looks more like a power slam from WWE! “

Another said: “Love Benjie & Frankie getting involved.”


“I couldn’t keep it in my pants” – Cipriani gets tattoo as tribute to wife

Cipriani has paid tribute to his wife Victoria Rose for changing his life with his latest tattoo.

“The most beautiful part of my journey so far, now for all to see! Love you wife.” wrote Cipriani on Instagram.


“Side note… the guy you see in this photo has had many different experiences with women. There was a feeling of not being good enough or lacking hence why I couldn’t keep it in my pants (also I was young, ‘famous’, it almost fell on my lap)

“Meeting my wife and falling in love has been the most scary, challenging, yet rewarding experience of my life. To dissolve old conditions and ideas of what I felt I was or had to be.

“No longer did I play up to a character. I had to dive deep within to see who I am. I am full of love and kindness, which has been slightly misdirected over the years!

“What I am saying is falling in love is the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had .”

Amazing body transformations of 6 rugby stars, including McCaw and Pocock

These rugby players have enjoyed a remarkable body transformation over the years, with some bulking up while others seriously slimmed down.


The All Blacks legendary captain has revealed he’s dropped 17kg since retiring, shifting what he called ‘unnecessary rugby muscle’.

Since hanging up his boots following their 2015 World Cup triumph, McCaw has become obsessed with ultra-hardcore marathons and has shifted a lot of that weight to give him a speed advantage.

The 41-year-old, who weighed 107 kg, is now closer to 90kg since dropping the weight.


The Wallabies legend started out as an skinny 78kg teen who worked day in and day out to transform himself, with his size and strength came at a cost, Pocock told Australian Story.