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10 Reasons Why Women Should Play Rugby

4. The friendships

You’ll make unbreakable bonds: You’ll want to throw everything on the line for your teammates, and they’ll sure as hell do exactly the same for you.

5. Friends with the opposition too

More often than not, you’ll find yourself sharing a beer or two with the opposition after the match.

6. It’s safer than people make out

I don’t think rugby has ever been safer than it is today. With changes in scrum laws, almost overkill emphasis on not lifting the player in the tackle and a general dim view on any kinds of foul play, the bad injuries are fewer in number.null


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  1. RugbyGirl

    No. 9 is slightly wrong – 3 postmatch meals are perfectly acceptable! (Lunch/tea @ club, @ home + @ pub/mate’s house!

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