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12 reasons you need to start dating a rugby player

They are all good with a bit of dirt.

1. They’ll never judge your excessive eating habits because they are ALWAYS hungry.

Mans gotta eat , don't get arms like that eating salad!! Haha #cuteandcuddly #unofficiallyofficiallythebiggest

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2. But their bodies are… Well, just, damn.

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3. Their shorts are so short they might as well be naked all the time.

4. They’ll encourage you to be your best, healthiest self.

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5. You’ll have someone to look after you on nights out because they can only drink one night a week.

6. And they are stacked so they’ll be able to carry you home.

7. But when they go out. They go out out.

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8. They have exceptional levels of stamina for all kinds of work.

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9. You’ll get to spend your weekends at some impressive places.

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10. They are used to being told what to do so there will be no arguing.

11. They always go the extra mile for fancy dress parties.

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12. And… Their arse’s are so peachy. Yum.

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