"£215k per month" - OnlyFans beckons for England captain Owen Farrell - Ruck

“£215k per month” – OnlyFans beckons for England captain Owen Farrell

Unlike the common perception of the OnlyFans platform, which is not typically associated with sports stars, diving sensation Diego Balleza is defying expectations by successfully utilizing the platform to raise funds for his Olympic training.

Remarkably, Balleza’s income has reportedly reached an impressive six-figure sum each month.

The intriguing concept of sports personalities venturing into OnlyFans has caught the attention of Live Rugby Tickets, prompting them to commission a study on the potential earnings of top rugby players if they were to join the platform.

Through an analysis of Instagram and Cam Model Agency data, Live Rugby Tickets compiled a list of the top 100 Rugby players and estimated the lucrative amounts these hottest rugby stars could earn if they were to step in front of the camera.

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Top 10 highest earning rugby players on Only Fans

#10. Eben Etzebeth (South Africa) – £197,000

#9. Fan de Klerk (South Africa) – £204,000