25 commentator clichés you will definitely hear watching a game of rugby

9. Get the shove on – Can be used at nearly every scrum.
10. Down To The Wire – What does that even mean?
11. ‘The first 20 minutes will be crucial’ – Why is the first 20 crucial and not the final 20, second 20 or third 20?
12. Mercurial – A term reserved generally for a French player, Gavin Henson in the past and Danny Cipriani.
13. Appalling – George Hook’s go-to phrase to describe something he is unhappy about.
14. Do the simple things well – Often a warning for a side that are trying to be a little too fancy and that the expansive moves are not coming off
15. Going Upstairs – Is the ref really going all that way or is he actually just pushing the button on his mic?
16. Going through the phases – It’s rugby speak for a monotonous sequence of running the same way with some abrasive ball-carrying.