25 commentator clichés you will definitely hear watching a game of rugby

17. Hard yards – Another stock phrase for plenty of shunt and grunt from the forwards before unleashing the backs.
18. Loves To Run With The Ball – Isn’t that what he gets paid to do?
19. Could Go Either Way – You think?
20. Soft Hands – Maybe he needs to put down the moisturiser and get his hands dirty then?
21. Forwards Win Games, Backs Decide By How Much – Try telling Jonny Wilkinson that e.g. 2003
22. It’s the wrong side of the field for a left/right footed kicker – The statistics, which we won’t go into here because there are quite a lot of numbers, show that there is only a slight difference.
23. Switching to Plan B 
24. Don’t know which French team will turn up 
25. You must keep hold of the ball – It does help

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