5 players dubbed the ‘next Jonah Lomu’, including England World Cup hopeful - Ruck

5 players dubbed the ‘next Jonah Lomu’, including England World Cup hopeful

There have been very few rugby players in the history of the sport who can match the incredible legacy of the late, great Jonah Lomu.

Widely regarded as the finest player of all time, Lomu’s extraordinary performances, particularly during the 1995 World Cup and beyond, have cemented his status in the hearts of fans.

Given Lomu’s stellar reputation and unparalleled playing style, both fans and the media have eagerly sought out his successor. Numerous players have been labeled as the “next Jonah Lomu” over the years, each embarking on their own unique journeys in the sport.

Now, let’s begin with the first individual to bear the weighty title of being dubbed the heir to Jonah Lomu’s throne.

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#1. Joe Rokocoko (New Zealand)

The difference was, of course, that Rokocoko preferred to bewilder with sleight of hand — recall his wonderful half dummy en route to a try against Wales in 2004 — a step and evasive skills, whereas Lomu more often than not took route one.

Forty-six tries in 66 Tests isn’t a shabby strike-rate, though. However, he played his last Test at 27, so left us all wanting a bit more, really.

DID YOU KNOW? Although often known as Joe, Rokocoko asked New Zealand rugby management to list his Christian birth name, Josevata, on team releases