5 times rugby players deliberately tried to injure an opponent - Ruck

5 times rugby players deliberately tried to injure an opponent

While rugby is a physical and contact sport, deliberately injuring another player is not condoned or accepted within the game. Rugby has a strong emphasis on fair play, sportsmanship, and respect for opponents. Players are expected to compete hard but within the rules and spirit of the game.

However, like in any competitive sport, there have been instances where players have engaged in unsportsmanlike behavior and intentionally targeted opponents with the intent to injure them.

Such incidents are rare and generally condemned by the rugby community, officials, and governing bodies.

Rugby has strict disciplinary measures in place to deal with foul play, and players found guilty of intentionally injuring others can face significant suspensions, fines, and other penalties.

The focus in rugby is on skill, strategy, and teamwork rather than inflicting harm on opponents.

#1. Calum Clark

This one still makes me wince. Northampton flanker Clark was found guilty of intentionally hyper-extending and breaking the arm of Leicester hooker Rob Hawkins during the 2012 LV cup final. The ban was initially for 64 weeks, but was halved due to his guilty plea.