A compilation of Martin Johnson's on-pitch fights has gone viral and it makes for spectacular viewing - Ruck

A compilation of Martin Johnson’s on-pitch fights has gone viral and it makes for spectacular viewing

A compilation of Martin Johnson scrapping absolutely everyone has gone viral and it proves he’ll always be the ultimate hard man.

If you ever watched the former England and Leicester captain play, you’ll know he had a short temper on the pitch.

Johnson was an absolute nightmare whether he played for club or country.

Andrew Forde on Youtube has shared a three minute video of Johnson’s best brawls and it makes for sensational viewing. Check them out below.

One fan wrote: “Guy was an absolute monster. I remember someone from the Lions saying – if we were in the trenches, he would be the first man I’d want beside me.”

A second commented: “I’ve met Martin a few times in our city, he really is a giant of a man, some players escape red cards just because of who they are, and I think Martin was one of those players.”

Another said: “Saw him many a time at Leicester, and for England. Was an awesome player who played on the edge. World Cup winning captain, so wasn’t all bad. Rather play with him than against.”

Martin Johnson Has Been Voted The Greatest Ever Rugby Captain In History

Being the captain of a team is a major honour and responsibility. Only players that have leadership qualities and those that lead by example can take the responsibility.

A great captain can be the difference between a team that underwhelms or a team that dominates.

Over the years of following the game, we’ve seen captains come and go. Some are successful, others less so, and only a few leave a lasting legacy.

In international rugby, over the past many years, there have been several iconic captains. These players created a legacy at their respective clubs and have a legendary status in them.

With that in mind, who was the greatest rugby captain of all time? 1,000 RUCK readers have been ranking our selection of captains with England legend Martin Johnson being ranked the best of all-time.

The best rugby captains should have the following qualities:

  • A great player
  • Inspire confidence in their team
  • Takes responsibility 
  • Lead by example
  • Great sportsmanship 
  • Tactical knowhow 
  • Excellent communicator 
  • Emotional discipline 

Greatest Ever Rugby Captains: Top 20

20. Phillipe Saint-Andre (France)

19. Lawrence Dallaglio (England)

18. Sergio Parisse (Italy)

17. John Dawes (Wales)

16. Will Carling (England)

15. Agustín Pichot (Argentina)