"Ain't getting back into the country" - Stuart Hogg predicts entire 2023 Rugby World Cup - Ruck

“Ain’t getting back into the country” – Stuart Hogg predicts entire 2023 Rugby World Cup

Former Scotland international Stuart Hogg has been speaking to TNT Sports ahead of the World Cup and has made his predictions for the tournament.

Early exit for Scotland

“I would hate to be playing in this, genuinely hate to be playing in this,” Hogg said.

“They [South Africa] have to win [the tournament]. For me, anytime you go to defend anything, you’ve got the wrong mindset in my eyes. You’ve got to go and attack everything and you have to go and play. 

“There is an incredible amount of physicality in this team and they have a game plan that suits them down to the ground. I can’t see any team beating South Africa in this pool. 

“They squeeze the life out of you. They apply as much pressure as they possibly can whether it’s their kicking game or in defence, that’s what they’re renowned for, and they’re very good at it. 

“They squeeze you and squeeze you and suffocate the life out of you.”