"Not illegal" - England come under fire for using controversial tactic in victory against Argentina - Ruck

“Not illegal” – England come under fire for using controversial tactic in victory against Argentina

Stopwatches have been introduced with the aim of accelerating the pace of the game in the Rugby World Cup.

This involves implementing time constraints on goal-kicking, scrums, lineouts, and incorporating water breaks.

While this initiative is a positive step forward, there is a lingering question regarding the omission of the Caterpillar Ruck, which is arguably the most egregious form of time-wasting in rugby union.

England employed this tactic on multiple occasions during their 27-10 victory against Argentina, yet it continues to evade the scrutiny of World Rugby’s regulatory authorities, raising concerns about its persistence in the sport.

What is a caterpillar ruck?

The Caterpillar technique involves players lining up single file behind a ruck, creating a sequential formation of players behind it. This formation provides a significant advantage for the scrumhalf, allowing them to execute box kicks without the concern of opposing defenders charging them down. This is because these defenders are positioned too distantly from the scrumhalf to effectively intervene or challenge the kick.

Social reaction:

One reacting fan put simply: “Caterpillar Ruck should be banned,”

Another added: “Surely a law could be brought in stating that once the ball is available at the back of the ruck, no extra players may join unless it’s to prevent a counter ruck attempt, or something.”

A third commented: “As if the game isnt slow enough, they do this 4 or 5 times a game..hate this stuff..soooo boring.”

“The game has gone so far backwards with stupid shit like this,” wrote a fourth.

“Abject” – Three England players Steve Borthwick must change, and who should replace them

Despite this triumph, there remains room for improvement in England’s starting lineup, and we believe that Borthwick should consider implementing three changes to further enhance the team’s prospects moving forward.

#1. Tom Curry

Telegraph 2/10: “The flanker was overeager in defence after an injury, red-carded after a TMO bunker review for a slightly unfortunate head-on-head collision in the third minute.”

RUCK 0/10: “Sent off after just two minutes. Some may say unlucky, but the flanker really left the officials no choice.”

Planet Rugby 1/10: “Some said he was unlucky, but ultimately he was high in contact and paid the price. Fortunately, his team-mates bailed him out. “

Rugby Pass 0/10: “Was hailed in the build-up as the potential missing link for the England defence as he arrived in France without playing a single minute of the four-game Summer Nations Series. That idea quickly went out the window, though. “

The Guardian 2/10: “Palpably fired up before the match, having not played since May, but lasted less than three minutes before a red card, via the bunker, for an overzealous tackle on Juan Cruz Mallía.”

Replacement: Jack Willis