"Andy Farrell Tattoo" - Ireland Star Shares New Ink Ahead of 2023 Rugby World Cup - Ruck

“Andy Farrell Tattoo” – Ireland Star Shares New Ink Ahead of 2023 Rugby World Cup

Ireland’s Mack Hansen is truly one of a kind, the flying winger has just added to his growing collection of tattoos with portrait of his Head Coach Andy Farrell!

The fresh ink was revealed today, with the tattoo etched on Hansen’s leg after Ireland’s 2023 Six Nations Grand Slam. The Connacht star was true to his word after agreeing to the ink, as former Scotland international Jim Hamilton revealing the tattoo to the world today.

Hansen recently featured on Hamilton’s ‘Big Jim Show’ Podcast, where he discussed all from Ireland’s hopes for the Rugby World Cup, to the Johnny Sexton referee altercation.

Hansen had previously discussed the recent Andy Farrell tattoo, speaking with RugbyJoe before he went under the needle. The Farrell inspired ink was apparently a bet he had made ahead of the 2023 Six Nations, and he was kindly reminded of it by Johnny Sexton.

“I’m going to get ‘Grand Slam, Baby’ somewhere, just the words. I think that will be great to have. I don’t know where I’m going to put it yet, but yeah, ‘Grand Slam Baby’. And then, yeah, it was like a bit of a, it started off like a bit of a joke, like a passing comment, that if we won a Grand Slam, I’d get ‘Faz’s’ (Andy Farrell’s) face put on me somewhere.

“And I was like, ‘yeah, righto whatever’. And then like nine weeks later Johnny f******* brought it up and remembered, so he put it to me. And I guess, I’m a man of my word, and I’ll have to get that as well so. It’ll be coming in the next couple weeks, when I get a bit of time.”