"As early as 2024" - When South Africa will join the Six Nations - Ruck

“As early as 2024” – When South Africa will join the Six Nations

 South African journalist Craig Ray has predicted when the South Africa will join Six Nations.

The Six Nations bosses have previously denied there is any prospect of South Africa being added or Italy being kicked out.

However, four South African teams recently quit the southern hemisphere’s Super Rugby competition to join the United Rugby Championship, competing against sides from Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

And now we’ve had confirmation that South African sides will join Europe’s premier competitions, which surely paves the way for them joining the annual international competition.

“It’s totally part of the plan,” to join the Six Nations revealed Ray to Off The Ball.

“The plan is to be in by I think 2025. Possibly as early as 2024 after the World Cup.

“And it’s certainly part of the discussions that are going on. Getting into the Champions Cup and the Challenge Cup was the next step.

“The only logical step from there is into the Six Nations.”