Ben Ryan responds to speculation he's joining Eddie Jones' England staff - Ruck

Ben Ryan responds to speculation he’s joining Eddie Jones’ England staff

Speaking exclusively to Rugby Pass, he said: “I have been thinking about going back into XVs are various points, but really if I was to go back into the game, really, it’s to run a programme.

“I look at the England attack and I see what a lot of people see, it needs some more variation and some difference. They’ve got an excellent group of players there and I suppose I would have been interested perhaps, but it’s just not a big enough role.

“It’s not a big enough role and they don’t think they let you do these things part-time, which is the only way I would take a role in that group,

“I’m sure Eddie (Jones) has been looking around and will find an outstanding candidate. Like I said, they need to have a full review of what they are trying to do in attack.”