Beyond The Pitch: Rugby stars who are qualified teachers – Greenwood, Lancaster, Scaratt & More

Here are 10 well-known rugby players that have stood in front of students:

1. Stuart Lancaster

When England won the rugby world cup in 2003, Lancaster was a PE teacher in Wakefield, where he spent his days planning sports lessons and choosing teams to represent Kettlethorpe High School. Nine years on he was coaching the national team, but after a disappointing World Cup in 2015, he left his position and now works at Leinster.

2. Dave Rennie 

The New Zealander currently coaches the Wallabies. In comparing his former job of teaching with coaching rugby union, Rennie said: “Teaching, coaching, it’s the same thing. The kids are just a bit bigger.”

3. Clive Rees

The former Wales international, who won 13 caps between 1974 and 1983, was a highly respected school teacher. After starting his teaching career at Highdown School, the winger was head of rugby at Chiltern Edge School, then went on to become head of PE at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in London and later at Clifton College Prep School in Bristol.

4. John Bevan

In September 2000, after the former Wales international and British Lion stepped down as Director of Coaching for the Welsh Rugby Union, he joined the teaching staff at Monmouth School as a teacher of Religious Education and Director of Rugby Coaching.