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“Bring back Martin Johnson” – Sir Clive Woodward outlines his radical plan to save English rugby

In a recent development, Sir Clive Woodward, the ex-England coach, has put forth a comprehensive 10-point blueprint aimed at rejuvenating English rugby, particularly in the wake of a tumultuous 18-month period.

As the year 2023 draws to a close, it prompts a moment of introspection concerning the state of English rugby.

Woodward, a prominent figure in the sport, has outlined various avenues for advancement. His proposals range from reconsidering the prohibition on foreign players representing England to advocating for a restructuring of the RFU board.

Check out his full article here.

1 – Ditch ludicrous foreign policy

He wrote: “As the man in charge of the national team, you simply have to be able to pick the best players who qualify for England.”

2 – Realise rugby talent alone is not enough

3 – Excite supporters, be bold and lead the way 

4 – Reform the board with rugby experience

He wrote: “Why isn’t Martin Johnson on the RFU board? Why aren’t guys like Will Greenwood and Matt Dawson involved in the game? Apart from Bill Sweeney as chief executive, those on the RFU board operate in the shadows. Who are they and what do they do?”

5 – No more nameless committees!

6 – Bring back promotion and relegation

7 – Front up to head injury crisis

8 – Look after current players and referees

9 – Continue growth of women’s game

10 – Twickenham is not a pub!

He wrote: “It is only a matter of time before we have a serious incident at Twickenham. The RFU board should come and sit in the stands away from the safety of the corporate lounges to experience what it is like. “

Why Owen Farrell and England teammate fell out and didn’t speak

Owen Farrell, the English fly-half, has gained a reputation for boldly voicing his viewpoints, particularly when directed at individuals he harbors adverse feelings for.

#1. Dave Attwood

Former England lock Attwood has opened up on the latest RugbyPass Offload about his ongoing rivalry with Owen Farrell.

He revealed: “On the pitch, I struggle a lot with Owen Farrell. We just don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things,

“He hates me with a passion. Despite my earthy roots, he thinks I am a posh c***. He hates that. I bagged rugby league once jovially. I was saying it to take the piss kind of thing, ‘a bloody sport for the peasants’. He f**kin’ hated it.

” I was saying it to take the piss kind of thing, ‘a bloody sport for the peasants’. He f**kin’ hated it and out in Italy or maybe France he fully lost the plot. He had a bit of a shout at me and went off to the toilet and I followed him.

“We all had a drink or two after the game but we didn’t need to get carried away with this. I was in the urinal behind the door and he was three or four down and as I got in his dad walked in as well, he was coaching at the time. He was, ‘I don’t want to fuckin’ hear it’ or something like that and as he walked out he went to open the door and slam it into the back of me. There was like a stop on the floor so it hit the stop and almost clocked him back…

“We never really addressed it after that. 

“So whenever we play each other there is always some element in the game where one of us is running at the other one or we are trying to bang each other. There always seems to be an element of that to it. I am sure he is like, I don’t even know that Dave is playing.”

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Dave Attwood facts:

He made 157 appearances in Blue, Black and White over an eight-year period during his first spell at Bath before returning in 2022

His debut came against Newcastle Falcons at the beginning of the 2011/12 season after arriving from Gloucester, scoring four tries in his first campaign

The lock quickly established himself as a key player in the Bath pack and excelled at international level too, with 22 of his 24 England caps coming whilst at the Re

The former England international has also played for Bristol (twice), Gloucester and Toulon during his established career

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