Bristol boss Pat Lam confirms Saracens star have been in touch

Bristol Bears boss Pat Lam has revealed he has been inundated with messaged from Saracens players, even before news officially broke of their relegation.

Lam revealed to the Bristol Post: “There were rumours they were having a meeting on Friday, that was being circulated in the media and stuff, and I thought that must be true when I started getting phone calls from agents from 10 o’clock [11am UK time] onwards.

Lam continued: “That is no different from the normal recruitment process which as I always say is on-going and players come across my table always.

“Obviously there are a few more Saracens players coming across the table but ultimately, first and foremost we have to make sure is it a player we want and secondly do they fit inside our cap.

“As I have said the salary cap is very easy to manage, you look at the price, you look at how much room you have in your salary cap, if the answer is yes you make an offer. If the answer is no then the answer is no, no matter how much I would like to have some of the players.

“If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit.”


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