Conor Murray blamed for Ireland defeat after 'absolute shocker' against England - Ruck

Conor Murray blamed for Ireland defeat after ‘absolute shocker’ against England

In a pivotal moment during the clash between Ireland and England at Twickenham, veteran Conor Murray’s decision to opt for a box kick in the dying minutes has ignited a wave of criticism from Irish rugby fans.

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Despite being labeled as the underdogs, England clinched a tight 23-22 victory over Ireland in the Guinness Six Nations tournament, courtesy of Marcus Smith’s sensational drop goal in stoppage time.

With the game clock surpassing the 78:30 mark, substitute scrum-half Conor Murray elected to kick the ball into touch instead of retaining possession. This decision handed England the advantage, as they gained possession at a lineout ten meters into Irish territory.

The ball was back in play at 79:07, with England’s Marcus Smith seizing the opportunity to deliver a breathtaking winning drop goal from the ensuing possession.

One fan commented: “I’m asking, not griping: Why didn’t Conor Murray hold possession and run through couple of clock-eating phases with Ireland’s last possession?”

A second said: “Conor Murray kicking the ball away with a minute to go is criminal.. what the absolute **** are we doing.. so called ‘senior players’ ****ing the game away.”

Another frustrated fan wrote: “Full blame on Conor Murray there, or whoever made that call to kick with a minute to go, handing the ball to England – terrible, terrible decision! ”

“I never want to see Conor Murray in an Ireland shirt again,” said a particularly irate Ireland fan.

“Still a chance” – How England can win the 2024 Six Nations next weekend

Despite Ireland holding the advantage, thanks to their bonus points, the competition is far from decided, leaving room for various outcomes among the trio.

Next Saturday, all eyes will be on Dublin as Ireland hosts Scotland at 4:45 pm, while England faces off against France in a high-stakes clash kicking off at 8:00 pm.

For a comprehensive preview of the upcoming matches and insights into the pivotal England vs. Ireland showdown, Stephen Ferris provides an expert analysis.

Stay tuned for the permutations of Super Saturday below…

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How Ireland Might Secure the Championship Despite a Loss

Even if Ireland falls to Scotland, there’s still a path to the Championship. If they manage to secure a losing bonus point along with a try bonus point, they’ll reach 18 points, making it impossible for any other team to surpass them.

Alternatively, if Ireland loses to Scotland but England fails to secure a win against France, Ireland would be on at least 16 points, with England only able to reach 14 points with a draw.

Even with just one bonus point from their match against Scotland and England winning in France without a bonus point, Ireland would still edge ahead with 17 points, leaving England on 16. This scenario would mark a historic first for a team not winning the most games in the Six Nations yet clinching the championship.