Controversial columnist Stuart Barnes criticises retiring Sam Warburton

Former England FLY-half and Sky Sports commentator Stuart Barnes has claimed RETIRING  Sam Warburton was “not a great player”.

“Congratulations and commiserations to Sam Warburton on his illustrious career but sadly premature retirement,” he said.

“Wales are not left short of either leaders or sevens.

He continued: “You could knock his game but he understood it was okay as long as the stick wasn’t personal and it could never be that as he is such a decent man.

“Great player? No. Great influence? Definitely.

“Game a little limited. Didn’t know what his hands were for, for much of his career. Said who? Sam himself.

“When both fit I preferred SOB (Sean O’Brien) at 7. That is not to denigrate one hell of a career.”


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