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“Corporate k***s in chinos” – Power Ranking Each Six Nations Team’s Fanbase

The guys over at Host A Fan have attempted to rank the home nations fan bases.

They’ve based their ranking, from most important to least, on six different categories:

  1. Home Stadium Atmosphere 
  2. Passion
  3. Away Support
  4. Online Public Vote
  5. Anthem & Other Songs

Read their full analysis and ranking by CLICKING HERE.

Or check out the brief ranking below:

#6. France 4.3

They said: “Oh non, non, non! C’est un fixe! Zose bastards voted for Brexit anyway! 

“Romance, liberty, enlightenment. Let’s face it, there are lots of things we associate with our continental neighbours, France, but rugby just isn’t one of them.” 

#5. Italy – Score: 4.4 

They said: “We can see the hand-waving mamma mia, the margherita pizza throwing and the endless Italian rant now but come on, it’s not that you’re not passionate, patriotic and dedicated, it’s just that maybe not quite as much as the other patrons here. Oh and come on, rugby is nowhere near your main sport – you’re much better at football!”


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