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Damian Cooper: The Retired Professional Rugby Player Who Now Owns A Multimillions Business

After Damian Cooper’s career in rugby came to an end, he knew he wanted to strike out on his own and start his own company. In this post, we will discuss his entrepreneurial endeavors when he was in the process of starting his firm. However, before we get to it, we are going to provide a concise explanation of rugby betting odds so that fans may wager on rugby matches. If someone were to win a significant reward while gambling, they would be able to launch their firm much as Damian did with his.

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Establishing A Company Worth Many Millions Of Pounds 

Damian Cooper started the company after a rugby career

Damian was born and raised in Nantyglo and attended Nantyglo School for his elementary, middle, and high school educations. Rugby was one of the sports that he took part in when he was 10 years old. After playing for Nantyglo and Blaina in the minor rugby league at the beginning of his career, he moved on to play for Abertillery in the junior rugby team.

When he was a teenager, he played for Welsh schools; however, when he was 19 years old, he was competing in the under-20 training stage for Wales when he suffered a severe accident. This setback prevented him from continuing his athletic career. He returned to the sport of rugby and competed for Blaina for two seasons 3 years later. After that, he went on to play for Newbridge RFC in what was then called the premiership. He retired from rugby in 1978. 

Damian stopped participating in rugby after he reached the age required for retiring, with the only exception of seeing his son’s matches for the Brynmawr juniors and, later, the new squad. After that, somebody approached him with the notion of having him help with the coaching in 2018, which eventually stretched into almost three years.   He believes that being able to devote some of his attention to the children allowed him to temporarily take his mind off of the business.

Damian established his company, Unify Brand Partnerships, in the year 2004. He had a history of working in the sports sector for companies like Fila as well as Canterbury. During that time, he established a network of connections and first launched the company as a self-employed salesperson.

The relationship with Under Armour at the end of 2005 as a regional agent for the south of the United Kingdom was the first step toward the company’s success. The year 2004 saw the beginning of the partnership with Under Armour, which began when they discovered the corporation located in the United States. As a technical and athletic brand that places a significant emphasis on compressing clothes, the brand was getting popular in the North American market.

Damian and a former coworker reached out to Under Armour in an effort to get the brand for the UK. However, Under Armour had already chosen to work with another firm located in the UK. Nevertheless, Damian and his colleague continued to work for Under Armour, and the firm contacted them again ten months later to offer them other employment opportunities. In addition to this, they were the pioneers of the company’s representation in the United Kingdom and across Europe.