"Dangerous" - England forward addresses his controversial tackle technique - Ruck

“Dangerous” – England forward addresses his controversial tackle technique

uke Cowan-Dickie’s tackling technique has come up once again following the RFU’s controversial change of tackle height.

The hooker is seen regularly chopping players at the knee, from club fixtures to international with England and the British & Irish Lions.

Rarely does the 29-year-old wrap around the player’s legs in the tackle, instead clotheslining the leg which could potentially cause a serious knee injury. 

These low hits have been banned in the NFL when it comes to tackling quarterbacks as it has leads to several long-term injuries to star players.

The technique has also seen Cowan-Dickie knock himself out in the past.

One fan wrote: “Those Cowan-Dickie chop tackles are so dangerous – to himself, the opposition, everyone.”

“Luke Cowan Dickie is a dangerous player he no arms tackle almost everytime..refs are bottling pinging him…” said a second.

A third wrote: “Cowan-dickie’s tackle technique is so bad – is def going to break someone’s leg one day and amazed he’s never pinged,”

Chop tackle vs the All Blacks:

Compilation of Luke Cowan-Dickie tackles:

“Biggest cheat in rugby” – Every home nations biggest s***house named

Rugby enthusiasts have undertaken the task of ranking the most disliked player from each of the home nations. Interestingly, the selected players were all in the same position.

#1. Owen Farrell (England)

Could it be anybody else to start? Farrell fits the label “our guy” better than most, meaning you love to hate him unless he’s in your squad. Then you’d go to the end’s of the earth to defend him.

The England captain, also known as ‘Shoulder boy’ for his high tackling, does himself no favours with his poor tackling technique.

He also took a bit of a dive for Saracens against Harlequins, which won’t have helped his reputation.