David Campese argues with Danny Cipriani over Owen Farrell red card - Ruck

David Campese argues with Danny Cipriani over Owen Farrell red card

Legendary Wallabies winger, David Campese, has expressed disagreement with a tweet by Danny Cipriani, the former England international rugby player.

Cipriani had voiced his support for Owen Farrell, the current captain of the England team, who received a red card in the recent Summer Nations Series match against Wales at Twickenham.

The incident and Farrell’s subsequent ejection have sparked intense discussions on social media platforms.

Cipriani tweeted: “Good morning. It is clear that Owen’s tackle is a red card.

“I do not understand the emotional intensity behind the reaction to it. He doesn’t set out to hit people high. So critique the technique or poor timing, but why does rugby/sport always turn personal?”

This message prompted a reply from Campese, which read: “Hi mate. Because he does it over and over again. You must learn in life. Simple.”

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