“I have made up my mind” - Jack Willis' England career will soon be over - Ruck

“I have made up my mind” – Jack Willis’ England career will soon be over

Despite missing only one Six Nations match this year, Jack Willis’ England future beyond the Rugby World Cup remains uncertain due to his expected re-signing with Toulouse.

The flanker made the move to Toulouse when his former club Wasps faced financial troubles, and with his present contract nearing its end, he must decide where to continue his rugby career next season.

“I think Steve Borthwick coming out and supporting that just shows that there are lots of people behind the scenes that are working to try to find the right solution for English rugby moving forwards,” Willis told the Evening Standard Rugby Podcast.

“I think there are lots of avenues to explore, but the positive thing for me is that it seems that hopefully that’s on the table and at least being discussed, and we’ll see.”

He added: “I have made up my mind; I need to get the last couple of things finalised over the next couple of weeks, and make sure that all my family are on board,.

“Wherever we do end up you want to make sure you’ve considered every factor possible. There’s still a little bit of thinking to do, but we’re nearly there. I’ve absolutely loved my time here, and Toulouse have been so welcoming.”


According to Willis, he thinks that the eligibility rules of England will undergo a modification, and this alteration will not be limited to him alone.

“You look at the salary cap [in the Premiership], where it’s heading, where it has been heading, how tight it is and how many players have been squeezed out of jobs.

“You then look at Wasps and Worcester; they didn’t have financially stable models,” 


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