"Disappointed" - Eddie Jones aims dig at referee and World Rugby after Ireland defeat - Ruck

“Disappointed” – Eddie Jones aims dig at referee and World Rugby after Ireland defeat

Eddie Jones had demanded that World Rugby to sharpen up their refereeing around the scrum after England’s set-piece dominance could not prevent defeat by Ireland.

Despite a red card to lock Charlie Ewels after just 82 seconds, England won six penalties at the set piece but Ireland escaped without further sanction.

“I’m a bit disappointed the referee didn’t allow us to scrum fully,” said Jones.

“That would be my only complaint. And we weren’t allowed to play advantage away from the scrum.

“We got four scrum penalties and there was no sign of a yellow card. If World Rugby wants to have a scrum in the game they have got to allow strong scrums to allow themselves to dominate. We’re a bit disappointed we didn’t get a lot more out of that mate.

“He (Ewels) is disappointed. No one apportions blame. It was a genuine attempt to make a good tackle. His head was just in the wrong spot and we’ve got no questions about the red card.”


The four changes Eddie Jones should make to his XV for France

We pick four players we think deserve a chance in the England XV following the spirited defeat against Ireland in the Six Nations.

#1. Charlie Ewels

Telegraph: “Regardless of public opinion and how his sending off affected the spectacle, modern players know that they must tackle lower. Unforgivably clumsy.”

Rugby Pass: “Received the earliest red card in international rugby history after only 82 seconds for his dangerous tackle on James Ryan who was left concussed. Ewels failed to bend into the tackle and as a result made forceful and direct contact with his opposite number’s head.”

Replacement: Joe Launchbury


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