Eddie Jones doesn't hold back with his opinion of Manu Tuilagi red card - Ruck

Eddie Jones doesn’t hold back with his opinion of Manu Tuilagi red card

England boss Eddie Jones blasted referee Ben O’Keefe following Manu Tuilagi’s red card against Wales.

Although England beat Wales 33-30 to capture the Triple Crown, Jones was clearly furious.

“I usually don’t comment on decisions, but I find this bizarre and ridiculous. I don’t see how you can tackle a guy now. It’s absolute rubbish.

“There is no common sense shown. I don’t know what Manu is supposed to do in that situation.

“I don’t now how he is supposed to tackle the guy. How else do you tackle if you don’t tackle with your shoulder? The guy is literally half a metre off the ground.

“Manu does everything he is supposed to be doing. He gets red carded. Come on. You can’t tackle any more.”

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Never a dull moment.

1. Jumping off a ferry

During the 2011 Rugby World Cup. the centre, returning from a day-trip with team-mates, dived overboard at around 7pm in the evening and swam to a nearby pier, where he was detained by waiting police. He was subsequently fined £3,000 by the RFU