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Eddie Jones future reportedly settled after RFU meeting

England head coach Eddie Jones is set to sign a new deal to remain in charge until after the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France, according to reports.

The 60-year-old’s current deal is due to expire next year but following a back and forth chat with the Rugby Football Union chief executive, Bill Sweeney.

Jones had teased leaving his position following the 2019 World Cup final defeat, admitting that it was “hard to kick stones for four years”

However, now the dust has settled on Japan, The Telegraph reports that ‘Jones has slowly but surely warmed’ to the idea of staying on as England’s head coach.

Jones has urged his players to set an example for others to follow at this time of unprecedented crisis, drawing on the values rugby has long prided itself on.


“It’s a difficult time, obviously the health of everyone is the most important thing,” Jones said from his home in Japan.

“Rugby is a game that has always espoused teamwork and one of the things we talk about with the England side all the time is how you can become a better team-mate.

Now for everyone, it’s how you become a better citizen.

“Following instructions and behaving with discipline is important.”

The 15 best Eddie Jones quotes

The England chief isn’t one to mince his words. Like most Australians, he’s blunt and to the point. 
Here are some of his BEST quotes…

1. “There are no world-class players here, not at the moment, but we will in four years.”
2. “No one can play in two completely different positions…and no other team in the world of rugby would try to do that.”
3. If Japan reach the quarter-finals of the Rugby Word Cup then I can retire. Sit back, enjoy and criticise and be like Clive Woodward on the Television.”
4. “We want to go out there and smack Italy. I said to the boys ‘go out and give them a good hiding.'”
5. “Arrogance is only bad when you lose. If you are winning and you are arrogant it is self-belief.”