Eddie Jones responds to calls for him to be sacked - Ruck

Eddie Jones responds to calls for him to be sacked

England head Eddie Jones has come out fighting, responding to some calls for him to be sacked.

Following their 24-17 defeat to France in their Six Nations opener, 2003 World Cup-winner Kyran Bracken said that he needed to be sacked and be replaced by an English coach.

“Kyran is entitled to his own opinion and I’m sure it’s a very good opinion. He might have a point; it should be an English coach,” he said.

“When I first started coaching a very famous coach said to me that if you listen to the fans you end up in the grandstand with them. That’s always been my philosophy.”

The Aussie revealed that he is having to protect his squad following the backlash of that defeat.

“That noise is always a factor and more and more so today with social media – it is in the players’ faces,” said Jones.


“They like social media, they want to be a part of social media and when it turns like this, it is difficult for them.

“We have to make sure they keep their focus.

“They have to understand what is important – there will always be criticism, there will always be praise, we just try and minimise the poison they take in.”