Eddie Jones thinks the ‘Typhoon Gods’ are smiling on England - Ruck

Eddie Jones thinks the ‘Typhoon Gods’ are smiling on England

England against France on Saturday has been called off because of Typhoon Hagibis, but Rugby World Cup organisers hope Scotland against Japan can go ahead as planned on Sunday.

The typhoon, described as the biggest of the year, is set to wreak havoc in Tokyo and surrounding areas.

“We found out officially this morning, but there were rumours flying around last night and we were glued to our phones,” said Eddie Jones.

“We are preparing for the game and we were in game mode and when it was off, we are in preparation mode. We can’t control it and we are told what to do.”

Now that the game is officially cancelled, the Aussie saw the positive side of the development.

“We can do a lot of different things. We are not concerned at all, we are excited, absolutely excited as it’s a great opportunity.

“Who would have thought we would have two relatively easy games, one tough game and then two weeks to prepare for a quarter-final.

” So someone is smiling on us – the typhoon gods maybe?” 

But he did feel sorry for the supporters.

“I have just been walking around the streets and there are a lot of people with disappointed faces,” Jones added.

“It is difficult for them because it was going to be a special occasion and we feel for them and we are lucky to have such great supporters.

“It’s not something you can control. This is the situation. I think it’s a wonderful World Cup. You can’t help typhoons, we would all like to think we’ve got the power above and beyond what’s in the world at the moment, but we don’t and these things happen and you just ride with it.”