Eight great reasons why 'Jonah Lomu Rugby' is the GREATEST game of all-time - Ruck

Eight great reasons why ‘Jonah Lomu Rugby’ is the GREATEST game of all-time

If you owned a Playstation One in the late 90s, chances are you played Jonah Lomu Rugby.

Without a doubt the best rugby game ever made, here are 11 reasons why Jonah Lomu Rugby could be called the best sports game of all time.

1. The incredible commentary.

Supplied by ex-television broadcasters Bill Beaumont and Bill McLaren, the commentary included memorable lines such as “Oh! Mercy me! What a tackle! That could’ve put him in Ward 4!”, followed by “I hope not Bill, that’s a maternity ward!” One particularly quirky piece of commentary is the line “digging in like a demented mole there”, referring to players hurling themselves into rucks. The two commentators were shown to have a great level of synergy with one another through their banter.

2. The “Classic Matches” game mode.

A scenario mode was standard for many sports games of the time, but Jonah Lomu Rugby’s challenge mode was just that, a challenge. This mode featured some of the best matches in rugby history