England lock branded a 'coward' after sparking outrage with now deleted Tweet - Ruck

England lock branded a ‘coward’ after sparking outrage with now deleted Tweet

England and Northampton Saints lock Courtney Lawes has sparked outrage on Twitter this afternoon.

About 1.3 million children in England will be able to claim free school meal vouchers during the holidays, after a campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford.

The 22-year-old welcomed the six-week voucher for eligible children, saying: “Look at what we can do when we come together.”

Lawes response to the brilliant news started off innocent enough before taking a rather ugly turn very quickly.

He tweeted in response to Rashford: “Great win mate, you’ve done a incredible thing for a lot of young people!

“Maybe now would be a good time to bring some attention to the importance of being financially secure and preferably married before having kids?

“This would go a long way to treating a big part of the issue.”

Looking to clarify, he then added: “I wasn’t aiming to offend anyone. It was clearly just a suggestion that I genuinely thought could help.

“Looks like I was wrong.”

Since then, the backlash has begun and it’s brutal:

Lawrence Dallaglio’s Reveals His Dream England XV

15 MATT PERRY: “I liked Matt Perry at full-back. Great positional sense, dependable under the high ball, unbelievably courageous and talented. Plus, I believed Jason Robinson’s best position was wing.”

14 JASON ROBINSON: “There are occasions when you don’t have to justify your opinion. As for Jason’s best position being the wing, think back to his skinning of Chris Latham for the Lions in 2001 and his ability in a tight channel.”

13 JERRY GUSCOTT: “Jerry had a way of gliding into space that we haven’t seen in England since he stopped playing. Beautifully balanced runner with so much natural talent.”

12 WILL GREENWOOD: “The thinking man’s rugby player. Instinctively took the pressure off his own fly-half, a brilliant creator who was so clever, he would often end up finishing a move he had started.”

11 BEN COHEN: “I didn’t really play with Rory Underwood and I choose Ben because of his work-rate and extraordinary try-scoring. If Jonny had passed to his right, the World Cup try would have been his.”