England’s training camp with Georgia leads to brawl in front of schoolchildren

The Daily Mail report ugly scenes at a training session in front of school children in Oxford on Wednesday, when Georgia were invited to assist preparations for the final two rounds of the Six Nations tournament.

According to the report, pent up anger was evident as punches were thrown at St Edward’s School amid two brawls involving multiple players from both sides.


Trouble flared when the two packs first locked horns at a scrum. Fists flew and the two groups had to be separated.

A similar melee occurred when they went down for a second scrum with the Mail describing how some players ran across the pitch to join the ruckus ‘leaping over team-mates to swing punches’.

Mitchell said: “Our training with Georgia has been contestable and you like to win your contests!

“It creates a really good mental focus. Competition is good for everyone. Sometimes you can drill all you like but when you put it into a contest.

“Georgia are very set-piece orientated, they love scrummaging and they love line-out drives.

“Their backs have always been handy too, so both sides got a lot out of it [Wednesday] morning. [Thursday] there will be intensity and there will be match scenarios.”

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