Ranked! The 10 most hated people in rugby - Ruck

Ranked! The 10 most hated people in rugby

Outspoken journalists, terrible referees, filthy players, dire pundits – join RUCK in our countdown of the most reviled individuals in the game…

This isn’t a list of people we here at RUCK personally hate – although some of the people here are definitely off our Christmas card list – but rather who stir up opprobrium in the game.

10. Dylan Hartley

Swearing at referee’s, involving himself in scraps and eye gouging accusations have all led to the England hooker becoming one of the most vilified rugby players of the modern era. His reputation has somewhat recovered in recent years

9. Wayne Barnes 

Is a very good referee but gets under the skin of a lot of fans, especially of the Welsh persuasion.

8. Yoan Huget

– Stamping on players heads

– Gouging another player

-Faking injuries

– Generally being an absolute shithousenull