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“Ashamed he played for us” – Fans Rank The 5 Most Hated Rugby Players

Through the years there have been many players that have been hated by many. Only rarely, though, are players universally hated.

In fact, so rarely that not even all the players on this list are universally hated.However this list is based on the strength of rugby fans’ hate for the player as opposed to the amount of people that hate them.

Fans have been voting on a poll, and the results really aren’t surprising.

#5. Dan Biggar (Wales)

Biggar is the epitome of players you hate until they are on your team.The way the fly-half continues to moan to referees vociferously has seemingly only got worse throughout his career. It got so bad that popular online personality and diehard Scotland fan Glove39 made a video called ‘birdman’ mocking the way in which he always raises his arms in frustration to officials.


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