Former Worcester star wins place on NFL roster with Pittsburgh Steelers after switch from rugby

As part of the International Player Pathway program, the Steelers can have an extra player on their practice squad this season.

He is Christian Scotland-Williamson, a 24-year-old tight end from England.

Scotland-Williamson didn’t start playing football until earlier this year. He was a rugby player in England, where he suited up for the Worcester Warriors in the England Premiership. He has a degree in economics from Loughborough University.

Scotland-Williamson will remain with the Steelers until the end of training camp when a decision will be made whether to make him eligible for the international player practice squad exemption.

The Steelers are among eight teams that will carry an overseas player on their practice squad. The program was instituted in 2017. Teams from the NFC South and AFC North will participate this season.

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