France v Wales: recap of what happened in overtime

France v Wales: A recap of what happened in overtime

Just in case you missed any of the drama, let’s try and recap that last ridiculous 20 minutes (with the clock on red).


80 mins: France awarded a scrum. (France 13-18 Wales)
83 mins: Scrum reset for a third time. (France 13-18 Wales)
84 mins: France pop Uini Antonio goes off ‘injured’ to be replaced by Rabah Slimani. (France 13-18 Wales)
85 mins: Samson Lee sent to the sin-bin, Wales down to 14 men. (France 13-18 Wales)
85-93 mins: More scrums and penalties to France. (France 13-18 Wales)
93 mins: George North claims to have been bitten, reviewed by officials and deemed inconclusive. (France 13-18 Wales)
93 – 100 mins: Yet more scrums. Lots of whistles. (France 18-18 Wales)
100 mins: Camille Chat drives over the line. (France 18-18 Wales)
100 mins: Camille Lopez conversion wins the game for France. (France 20-18 Wales)
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