From Underhill to Williams: 5 players who had normal jobs before becoming rugby stars

Rugby isn’t all glitz and glamour, y’know.

Sometimes we should take time to appreciate those rugby players who plied their trade elsewhere before hitting the jackpot in the game we all love.

In an era where you only make it if you dedicate your life to it, it’s rare to find players who just months prior to their professional career were grinding the 9-5.

With that in mind, here are five players, of varying abilities, who made it professionally.

1. Liam Williams – Scaffolder

This is the picture that illustrates the heights Williams has scaled to reach international rugby, starting off as a scaffolder. It wasn’t work for the faint-hearted, with Williams rigging scaffolding “over the top of a blast furnace, 300 feet from the ground” back in Wales.


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