“Gone down like a footballer” – Owen Farrell dive named the worst so far in 2023 - Ruck

“Gone down like a footballer” – Owen Farrell dive named the worst so far in 2023

There is a common saying that implies footballers often fake injuries throughout the game, while rugby players consistently display an appearance of being unharmed throughout the entire match.

Rugby union has evolved into an increasingly demanding and punishing sport, with athletes delivering harder hits than ever before. It is a rugged game played by resilient individuals who endure physical challenges.

However, in recent weeks, there has been a noticeable increase in instances of players exaggerating or feigning injuries in professional rugby.

It is important to note that this does not necessarily indicate a widespread or rampant issue, but it is evident that such occurrences have become more frequent compared to the past.


#4. Liam Williams (Wales vs Ireland)

The Wales fullback hit the deck pretty dramatically after the littlest of contact from Ireland lock Iain Henderson.

One fan wrote: “Liam Williams going for a career change in acting.”

Another said: “Liam Williams…. I’ve seen better acting on stage!”

A third wrote: “Liam Williams been hanging out with footballers?”

“For a hard man ex-scaffolder – Liam Williams folded himself up like a deckchair at the slightest of touches. What a dirty diving cheat!!!” commented a fourth.

Another said: “Can somebody tell Liam Williams it’s not soccer he’s playing. Gobshite”

Liam Williams dive: