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“He’s a top man” – Italian star reveals how ‘heroic’ Ellis Genge saved his life

Ellis Genge has been labelled a hero following England’s clash against Italy – and rightly so.

Sebastian Negri was knocked unconscious in the 54th minute after a collision with opposing forward Nick Isiekwe.

While Isiekwe and other England players celebrated the dominant collision, the loosehead-prop was alert enough to hear a choking from his opponent and immediately leapt into action


He tweeted: “A big thank you for all the messages of support. Already feeling better and will be starting my recovery and HIA protocols in the next few days,” Negri tweeted.

“Looking forward to being back on the field soon. Ellis Genge, thank you for what you did, you’re a top man.”

He later revealed in Italy that: “Genge has a bit of a reputation for being a bit difficult but what world-class players weren’t. I look forward to thanking him in person next time we play again”

Genge immediately called for medical attention as he rolled the big Italian into the recovery position with the Telegraph suggesting he helped save his life.

“I heard him choking so I gave him a slap to see if he reacted,” Genge said. “He just carried on choking so I didn’t know if he had swallowed his tongue – that’s why I tried to roll him onto his side.

“I’m not a master in medicine but I’m pretty sure you are supposed to put them in the recovery position so I tried to do that. I was quickly ushered away by the medics so I let them just carry on.”

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Life as a professional rugby player is a fragile existence, in many ways.

It’s a lucrative career that offer up many extraordinary experiences but you are always one injury away from it all being over.

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The England and Exeter Chiefs winger is the co-owner of The Swordfish Inn back in his hometown of Cornwall. Sitting on the harbourfront, the pub has been a favourite of local fishermen, artists and visitors alike for as long as anyone cares to remember and is well-known for its rugged charm and atmosphere. He is also a director of MUSTARD Clothing.