Jeremy Guscott claims Liam Williams cheap elbow was 'dangerous' - Ruck

Jeremy Guscott claims Liam Williams cheap elbow was ‘dangerous’

Fans have called for Lewis Williams to be cited for his ‘elbow charge’ to the head of Scotland prop Zander Fagerson.

Jeremy Guscott, appearing as a pundit for the BBC, echoed those calls, saying: “For me, he leads with the elbow.

“Another TMO with a few different angles and a bit more time… he doesn’t get him in the face as far as I can see but he’s led with the elbow which I think is dangerous.

“He could have quite easily got a yellow card and I don’t think many people would have argued with it.”

Jonathan Davies added: “He’s lucky.

“If he catches him under the chin, it’s another red card. Players have got to be careful now.”

Former Scotland flanker John Barclay said: “The margins are so small.

“A couple of inches here or there and that’s a red card. I don’t think that’s a card myself.

“So much chance comes into moments like that.”


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