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Jim Hamilton’s comments on Alun Wyn Jones are simply ridiculous

Jim Hamilton was a hard-hitting lock during his playing days, and the former Scotland international has earned a reputation as a hard-hitting pundit.

Never scared of saying what he really thinks, Hamilton does not mince his words, as listeners of The Rugby Pod well know.

Hamilton was on top form during the latest podcast, declaring that Maro Itoje, James Ryan, Scott Cummings and Jonny Hill all merit selection ahead of him.

“Is Alun Wyn Jones going to go on the Lions tour because he is Alun Wyn Jones or is Alun Wyn Jones going to go on the Lions tour because he is the best of four second rows?

“A lot of people say he is going to go on the Lions tour. In my opinion, he is not in the best four second rows.

“I’d say Jonny Hill is playing better than him. Scott Cummings from Scotland. Across the board in terms of where we stand now is Alun Wyn Jones in the top four second rows?

“Maro. James Ryan for Ireland: now he is not in the form he was, but in my opinion he is still playing better than Alun Wyn Jones.

“And what is better? It’s carrying the ball, it’s defensively, it’s lineout.

“There is no doubt about it, Alun Wyn Jones is still a fantastic player, he absolutely is, but I have named four second rows there, Maro Itoje, James Ryan, Jonny Hill and Scott Cummings. Is Alun Wyn Jones the fifth or sixth? This is up for debate.

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“I know Alun Wyn Jones, you listen to him speak it’s not about amassing 150, 160 whatever caps he can potentially get to, but Wales are in transition.

“I’m not saying now is the time, it could be next year, but at what point do they say Alun Wyn Jones is going to need to make way because there needs to be an evolution for Wales and there needs to be a change of guard?

“Maybe it’s me because as a player there was no loyalty towards me… why is Alun Wyn Jones allowed to go on the Lions tour? Because he has been a phenomenal player. But if Alun Wyn Jones goes on the Lions tour he’s taking the place of a Scott Cummings or a Jonny Hill or someone who has never been on a Lions tour, or a Jonny Gray. It might be their only opportunity to go.”