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Owen Farrell reveals his insane home leg workout

It’s not always easy for rugby players to get to the gym, whether that be due to work commitments or family life.

To help you out, Owen Farrell, along with Men’s Health, put together an insane home leg workout to try in the comfort of your own living room. 

Complete the set twice, with a 30-second break between each exercise. Ready? Engage.

Insane home leg workout:

1. Goblet Squat – 8 Reps

2. Kettlebell Deadlift – 8 Reps

3. Backward Lunge – 8 Reps Each Side

4. Lateral Lunge – 8 Reps Each Side

5. Single-Leg Deadlift – 8 Reps Each Side

Suggested equipment: Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg

The adjustable function on the kettlebell is great – easy to change, robust design and the grip feels very safe.

12 things you didn’t know about Owen Farrell

1. He started off in Rugby League

His education began in rugby league – he joined Wigan St Patricks at the age of eight.

2. School days

It’s well known that the Saracens star went to school with England teammate George Ford, however, it’s less well known that he went onto study Business at Hertfordshire University.

3. Celebration

Farrell celebrates every point he scores by linking his index fingers together to make a ‘JJ’ sign, the Joining Jack salute, Joining Jack being a charity dedicated to the needs of sufferers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.[ Farrell is also a patron for Duchenne muscular dystrophy charity Duchenne UK.