"Laughing stock" - Sir Clive Woodward slams decision to overturn Owen Farrell red card - Ruck

“Laughing stock” – Sir Clive Woodward slams decision to overturn Owen Farrell red card

Sir Clive Woodward is furious after England captain Owen Farrells red card in Saturday’s warm-up with Wales at Twickenham was overturned.

Farrell’s yellow card was upgraded to red by the new ‘Bunker’ review system after a high tackle on Taine Basham.

However, a disciplinary panel reviewing the incident cited a change in dynamic in the contact area as a mitigation.

“When I first heard Farrell had been cleared to play with immediate effect, I was lost for words and just totally dumbfounded. My reaction was: ‘You have got to be joking?” wrote Woodward.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to in the game was expecting the England captain to face a long ban and miss at least the early stages of the World Cup after his high shot on Wales’ Taine Basham.”

Woodward added: “My view is that the bunker review system is a welcome addition to the game.

“But the three Australian judges on the committee have now essentially said it doesn’t work. I would love to know what rugby experience they have to make that call.


“All three have badly let the game down on the eve of its biggest occasion.

“What is going to happen the next time a player makes a high tackle and then the decision is checked by the bunker system? I can tell you. Players will look at the Farrell case as a yardstick.

“They will say: ‘Farrell got off, so why shouldn’t I?”

Woodward continued: “Farrell should have been banned for three or four matches and even a one or two-game ban would have been acceptable to a degree.

“To overturn the red card completely is just so wrong.”


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