Lawrence Dallaglio has picked his Dream Team [All-Time Best 15] - Ruck

Lawrence Dallaglio has picked his Dream Team [All-Time Best 15]

England legend Lawrence Dallaglio has picked his all-time rugby XV for the Times.

He talked about the brilliant players that he has played with and watched. Then he decided to pick his best XV, with all the players that would make up a team of an all-time rugby XV.

However, despite selecting Jonny Wilkinson in his all-time England XV, the 2003 World Cup hero missed out on a spot in his teammates World XV with Australia legend Michael Lynagh instead taking the number 10 shirt.

Check out his full selection below.

15 CHRISTIAN CULLEN (NZ): Comes down to Cullen or Serge Blanco. While Blanco might have been a great player for a longer period, Cullen’s best years were sensational

14 DAVID CAMPESE (AUS): Wasn’t always generous in his comments about England but he was a great player and, really, he walks into the team

13 JERRY GUSCOTT (ENG): The way Jerry could accelerate onto a pass made him unique in my eyes. One of those players with the ability to do something that changed a game

12 FRANK BUNCE (NZ): Lots of people will say ‘how can you not pick Tim Horan at No 12?’ Horan was a great player, a better attacker than Bunce but I loved Bunce’s physicality