Legend Sir Ian McGeechan names his top five wingers of all-time, leaves out Habana - Ruck

Legend Sir Ian McGeechan names his top five wingers of all-time, leaves out Habana

British & Irish legend and respected rugby scribe Sir Ian McGeechan has picked his top 5 greatest wingers to have ever graced the game…

Naming his top 10, he began with Rory Underwood from England holding the 10th position. Known for his lethal finishing abilities and exceptional speed, Underwood was a formidable presence on the field, making him a standout player for England.

Moving up the ranks, at number 9, is Shane Williams, representing Wales. Williams was renowned for his elusive running style, often leaving opponents bewildered with his quick footwork and sharp movements. Despite his small stature, Williams possessed remarkable power and agility, making him a pivotal figure in Wales’ attacking prowess.

Ieuan Evans, another Welsh player, claims the 8th position on the list. Evans, admired by many including McGeechan, showcased a blend of speed, sidestepping skills, and acceleration that made him a superb finisher on the field. His ability to excel in tight situations set him apart as a top-class winger.

Bryan Habana, hailing from South Africa, secures the 7th spot. As a World Cup winner in 2007, Habana’s prolific try-scoring record speaks volumes about his capabilities on the field. Known for his power and precision, Habana’s prowess near the try line was unmatched, solidifying his place among rugby’s elite.

Occupying the 6th position is John Kirwan from New Zealand. Kirwan’s impact on the game was profound, particularly during the inaugural Rugby World Cup in 1987. Renowned for his remarkable running angles and ability to score from long distances, Kirwan revolutionized the role of wingers with his exceptional skill set.

Check out his top five below.

5. Jason Robinson (England)

Major teams: British and Irish Lions, England

Test caps: 56

Test tries: 30

“He made such an impact on the game when moving from rugby league. He had dazzling feet that meant he so often beat the first defender and, like most top wingers, you could play off him as well as him being such a devastating finisher.”

DID YOU KNOW?! He was nicknamed ‘Billy Whizz‘ after a character in the British comic The Beano, who is an extremely fast runner